If you understand how network marketing works, you may know that a continuing supply of leads is absolutely essential to a thriving business, and they are difficult to obtain unless you begin by employing a proven lead generation system.

Everyone knows you can buy leads, but this has been proven time and time again to be basically useless information because these leads have not been prescreened and are not qualified leads that have shown an interest in your particular market. This can be an immense waste of time, and as we all know, time is money.

What Other Options Are There? Do it Yourself Lead Generation

You have got to learn to generate leads yourself, and if you have never done it before or have tried and failed miserably, you need a system that will take you by the hand and show you the most effective way to generate those leads.

There are plenty of network marketing lead generation systems that have shown up on the market over time only to disappear because they did not work.

One effective “leads for network marketing” system that has been in operation for a considerable time is run by a grouping of entrepreneurs and network marketers who practice everything they preach in this system. Network marketing is not about making the next sale or slapping your business in people’s faces, it’s about helping other business owners and customers with their problems and offering a solution to that problem, just like off-line face to face marketing does.
Once you have established a relationship and built trust and rapport with the individual that requires help, at some point, and not immediately, you’ll present your product or service as being the answer to that problem. This is the root of attraction marketing, and this is the system that successful network marketers use daily.
Within this particular “leads for network marketing” group the entrepreneurial network marketers got together many years back and realized that too many people were struggling and failing at network marketing. Thus, they utilized this knowledge to help others within the industry.

The system is not just about M.L.M lead generation, it covers absolutely everything you will need to know to find success. It is also a customizable process that can be acclimatized to the way that you wish to do business so that you can maintain your very own approach.

Network Marketing System Set up

There are several things you’ll have to do which will all be explained to you by the founders and top earners themselves:

* Learn how the system works
* Choose which marketing platform(s) you wish to employ
* Learn how to market utilizing those platforms effectively
* Learn how to effectively put in your affiliate links, and
* Learn to create action plans and use your time wisely so that you can bring in leads and profit.

What you will get:

* A funded suggestion system that can generate money for you from the start through
* Follow-up auto-responders to email messages which contain your affiliate links
* Top-of-the-line training which comes with the system, through a member’s back-office, and also weekly coaching webinars from many of the top producers within the network marketing industry, as well as :
* A customizable system that uses attraction marketing as a basis, to make it less complicated for you

For your chance to learn how generating more “leads for network marketing” can change the future for you and your network marketing business click here.

Internet network marketing success is in your hands, and how successful you become in network marketing depends on just a few factors:

* The company, product, or service you promote
* How effective you employ money making activities
* The tools you use, and
* The systems you embrace

4 Steps to Network Marketing Success

It all sounds very straightforward, and it can be if you start out by immediately following a system. Network marketing is not intended to make you rich overnight; that is very unlikely. Consistently generating high quality leads that have expressed interest in your product, service, or opportunity is the way to success. If you’re serious and have an entrepreneurial perspective, you’re most likely already working several hours a day attempting to obtain leads and constantly researching other ways to generate leads. The problem is that it can be difficult to determine what system is right for you, your opportunity, and your budget.

The Company, Product, or Service you Promote for Internet Marketing Success

When considering a home based business, it is of great importance to keep the end result of success in mind. Thus, it is critical to research the company and determine various factors regarding the ability to allow you to achieve success. As with any business, if the company does not have sound leadership, it will probably fail. Therefore, one of the most important things you should consider is the founder’s or leaders’ financial backing. Also be sure to know how long the company has been in business. The best businesses or opportunities to become involved in are ones that are fairly new but have been in operation for approximately five years.

Another thing you should be concerned about is the product or service itself. When researching a potential company be assured that you know what products or services that company offers. Furthermore, consider the demand for these products or services. A good product or service will be something that the majority of people need or want, it will appear to have the ability to stand the test of time, and it will be of good quality.

How Effective You Employ Money Making Activities for Internet Marketing Success

Marketing has always been about providing answers to people’s problems. Thus, prospecting, whether by phone or the internet, is the number one most important money making activity you can employ. There is, however, an effective way to approach this method which does not include sending a message with a link like many people do. Your goal should be to first find their pain which is done through innocent conversation. In network marketing the most effective way to find their pain is to build a relationship through conversation with the prospect and then suggest a solution to their problem by giving information and providing knowledge of your product or service that can help them with their problem. Your goal at this point is to educate the prospects so that they are able to make an informed decision, not to necessarily make a sale.

The Tools You Use for Internet Marketing Success

Tools are also important, particularly when you are trying to save time. The old school systems of hunting friends and family are gone in MLM and can often be the worst mistake any marketer can make.

Tools come in the shape of training and promotional materials and require you to conduct research to be certain they are effective. I would suggest staying away from ones that claim to guarantee you will become rich overnight; it is important to find that disclaimer, generally at the bottom of the page, that reminds you that results may vary.

A System for Internet Network Marketing Success

So what is the key to making incredible Internet network marketing success? The answer is systems that provide you with excellent training and materials, such as sales funnels, that allow you to market your business effectively. You have to learn the art and science of the right way to generate qualified leads and promoting your product efficiently, as well as building a system structure that will gain you leads in the future that you effectively employ every day.

Give it Some Thought

What business makes a decent profit without a steady steam of new customers and prospects? None; without leads there is no business. Therefore, your network marketing success level will depend totally on how successfully you generate qualified leads, how effectively you employ money making activities, what tools and systems to choose to use, and, of course, how successful of a marketeer you become.

There are countless training materials and systems from free e-books to downloadable software promoted by people who claim that they will help you with your search for network marketing success. However, it is important to choose these materials wisely as choosing an ineffective product or training may cost you large amounts of money with little to no results.

Thus, I have created a list of products, trainings, and businesses that I believe may help you on your pursuit to success. For further information about my various recommendations please click the links below and if you have any questions or would like to simply connect feel free to contact me via Facebook where I also provide various business resources for your internet network marketing success www.facebook.com/Amber.K.Moate.

Recommended Businesses

Wake Up Now- This business provides an amazing platform for almost any individual’s needs. Being a part of this company gives you the ability to save thousands on your taxes, save hundreds on your online purchases, save up 22% on your cell phone bill, and so much more. Click here to learn more about how this is possible!

Ambit Energy- How many people do you know that uses gas and/or electricity? Most people would say everyone. With this business you have the opportunity to help others save money on these services and offer them the opportunity to essentially get those services for FREE through the company’s amazing referral plan.

Recommended Training Platforms

Empower Network- This is an amazing training program that teaches you how to effectively utilize the blogging platform of marketing, provides you with the option to obtain 100% commissions on products you own, and so much more. To better understand how Empower Network works click here.

My Lead System Pro- With My Lead System Pro, or MLSP, you are provided with the knowledge to choose any marketing platform you wish to employ. It also provides you with 100% commissions on any training products that you sell.  These training products are written and distributed by some of the biggest names and top earners within the industry. For more information on how MLSP can help you achieve success in your business click here.

Recommended Training Products

Get Fans Make Money- This training product provides you with the latest, most effective techniques that are working on Facebook now to pull in numerous leads on Facebook. For more information and FREE tips on how to market on Facebook properly click here.

 My Predatory SEO- This product teaches you the secrets to ranking first page on Google. For more information and FREE tips on how to rank on the first page of major search engines click here.

My Tube Traffic Mojo- Video marketing has been rapidly increasing in popularity since You Tube is one of the most visited sites on the web. This product has provided me with great information on how to publish videos to where you can easily rank and thanks to this product I was able to rank number one on the You Tube search for my keyword within a day or two! For more FREE tips on how to market effectively on You Tube click here.

Posting on Purpose PRO- Apparently there is a science behind creating content for profit and this product goes in depth to teach you everything you need to know to create engaging, effective content that will drive traffic and increase profit. For FREE information on how to effectively create content for profit click here.

Marketers Mastery Pack- For the ultimate marketer who wishes to strategically work various types of marketing platforms this product is top notch! With this training I was able to learn several different marketing platforms and create an action plan that repurposed every piece of content I created! For FREE marketing tips regarding various marketing platforms click here.

Recommended Softwares

Magic Submitter- Only the greatest software and possibly the smartest investment in my business, Magic Submitter offers you a way to market your content on article directories completely on autopilot! Within only a few days of using this software I was able to rank one of my videos number three on Google!! For FREE information on how to work smarter NOT harder then I highly recommend you take advantage of the RISK FREE TRIAL of $5 with a 60 day money back guarantee by clicking here.

Magic Article Rewriter- In conjunction with Magic Submitter, I also like to use Magic Article Rewriter. This software has made my life so much easier as it allows me to effectively spin my articles for distribution which has saved me countless hours. This product was purchased inside Magic Submitter.



The more targeted traffic you can drive to your web site or blog the more successful your business can become;utilizing an article marketing service can help with this. Traffic is the lifeblood of any site set up for the purposes of generating income as more traffic means a lot more potential buyers and consequently greater conversion which means more cash inside your pocket. Article marketing has long been seen as a way of driving traffic to web sites and it also has the added bonus of obtaining your website vital back links. To those within the early stages of developing an internet site, all of the writing and submission needed could seem like a tremendous amount of work. It really is plenty of work, but when you’ve got a trickle of income to your internet sites it can be a good idea to invest that income into automation processes that could make your article writing and submissions far more efficient, exponentially increasing your traffic and your income.

Outsource an Article Marketing Service

Successful internet marketers know that time equals cash. If you hate to write that’s not a defeatable issue as there are many locations that make it possible to discover writers to create your content material for you. Article submission may be a lengthy and tedious task, but by employing a service like Authority Content Profit System you’ll be able to free up plenty of your time. Well optimized articles are the cornerstone of any productive on-line enterprise; the more articles you have on your site and the more articles you submit to article submission web sites, the higher you’ll rank in Google and the higher your traffic stats will be.

Article Marketing Services in a Box

Just imagine how much your traffic,leads,and sales could increase if you could spread your benefit-rich message across literally hundreds, even thousands of internet sites, blogs, and article directories. Now envision if you could do this with just a few basic clicks of your mouse. Sound impossible? It’s not. Enter Magic Submitter, a software program article marketing service which does exactly that. You basically paste in a copy of your article, click create campaign, sit back, and let the software go about the business of submitting your content all across the net automatically for you.

Authority Content Profit System Produces Business Particular Special Content material

Many people who employ an article marketing service or use automated software like Authority Content Profit System still have a tendency to take short-cuts which, in the long run, can truly decrease internet site traffic over time. Probably the biggest mistake is not taking the time required to make certain every piece of content becoming published across the world wide web is a minimum of 30% unique and readable. If your article submission is less than 30% unique, you have just wasted your time due to the fact the search engines do not index or rank duplicate content material. And if the “spun” content material is unreadable, it makes you and your company look bad. So invest the time to ensure the copy produced by Authority Content Profit System is both unique and readable.

Recommended Resources

Magic Submitter- Automated backlinking software that allows you to submit articles to 1000s of blogs, article databases, etc. It helps increase traffic to your site and allows you to rank higher on Google for you chosen Keyword(s) phrase(s).

Authority Content Profit System- Provides you with 30 Primary articles and 90 promotional articles a month ready to be spun for creating unique content.

How to Construct Articles for Maximum Effect

Whether you are writing for your own website or for an article directory, the way you construct your content should be part of your overall article marketing strategy. The use of keywords is extremely important, and each keyword choice may be the way that readers and Google find your content, resulting in targeted traffic. Each and every keyword needs to be cautiously selected and then evaluated further to determine which web sites are using those keywords and whether or not you can compete with the highest ranking ones.

What Is Needed for a Well Written Article

The best articles contain lots of brief paragraphs and they are written in a manner that can be easily understood by the audience. The article should also appear to be quick to read and offer valuable content to your reader. To avoid rejection, it is important to avoid placing links within the body of your article; any links to products, resources, or software should be placed at the end of your article or within your author biography box. In order to determine what a well written article is, it is a good idea to read other articles within your niche on various websites. By doing this, you may be able to understand how the author formatted the article and see precisely how they encourage a reader to read the entire article and refer to the bio box.

Headings Should Be Eye-Catching

What many people do is simply scan the article to see if their interest is peaked or to determine whether their question can be answered by the content contained within the article. Thus, headings are essential and it is crucial to employ paragraph headings that appear brief and engaging.

The Meat of Your Article

When constructing the body of your article it is important to include keywords in various places throughout your article. At the least, and without sounding spammy, you should place your keywords once at the beginning of your article, numerous times in the primary body of the text, and once again in the last sentence.

Additionally, the majority of people online are trying to find answers to troubles or questions they have, so you must make your article informative and beneficial, leading the reader down towards the bottom of the page exactly where your bio box is. Inside the bio box should be a call to action, encouraging the reader to click for further details. This is exactly where you place your lead capture page, recommended resources, or your contact information.

Although content creation may seem discouraging at first, I promise that as you continue to write it does get easier. What helps make it easier is keeping an eye on your stats. This can help you determine which articles are attracting the most readers so that you can write further articles in that style.

For further information on how to construct your article marketing strategy, refer to the recommended resources below:

Hangout Invitation- Hangouts provide great information in a fun environment!

Empower Network- Internet Marketing training on how to effectively create success and utilize a blogging platform!

Authority Content Profit System- Learn how to produce high quality content DAILY!

Predatory SEO- Learn the secrets to ranking on the first page of Google!

Posting on Purpose for Profit- Learn how to create content specifically for profits!

Instant Authority Status- Learn how it is possible to generate traffic to your content literally overnight!


Although many would like you to accept it, an Internet network marketing business is not just sitting at a computer all day and pulling in money. When first starting out in Internet marketing you can spend months, possibly even the first year, working six or seven days a week and countless hours before you see any return on your investment of cash and time.

A lot of people enter the Internet marketing business with stars in their eyes, roam around getting bits of information here and there, and create a sort of unproven method that’s doomed for failure from the start; as a result, most fail inside a quarter of starting. Thus, it is crucial that you seek and employ proper training and leadership that will teach you to how to effectively build your Internet network marketing business and never give up; those who give up are guaranteed to experience failure!

Planning an Internet Network Marketing Business Effectively

1. Avoid Distraction

Most Internet network marketing businesses are run from home, and many people just cannot disciple themselves well enough to be able to concentrate on their business and avoid distraction. It is important to avoid as much distraction as possible as it can cause the very demise of you business efforts.

2. Sustain a Healthy Lifestyle

Although it can be hard to believe for some, sustaining a healthy lifestyle is important to creating success within your Internet network marketing business. Be sure to incorporate at least 10 minutes of exercise each day, choose healthy food options, and eat small meals or snacks every 3 to 4 hours; this will ensure that you are keeping your energy levels stable and that your brain is working at an optimum level.

3. Create a Schedule

Creating a schedule is also crucial to the success of your business. In any Internet network marketing business success means creating a plan! Designate an alloted time for various tasks, mainly money making tasks, that will create success for you. What I like to do is assign daily tasks rather than hourly tasks- on Monday and Tuesday I write my articles that I will be publishing throughout the week, on Wednesday and Thursday I re-purpose my favorite articles into You Tube videos, on Friday and Saturday I create back linking campaigns for those articles and videos, and on Sunday I create a plan for the following week. Each day I also interact with my Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube followers. I also offer more in depth training and free back linking to those that join my team so that they are able to reach success as well!

4. Understand How to Generate Leads Effectively

I, as well as many business experts, have said it a thousand times over- if you have no leads, you no business. In any business, including an Internet network marketing business, qualified leads are the backbone of your business; Leads and lists are the seeds that get you sales and top quality, targeted leads are what you’re looking for, and without them you simply do not have an Internet network marketing business! Join the two words “network” and “marketing” to one another and understand the term “network marketing” doesn’t simply mean building an Internet site and hoping it’ll generate traffic on its own. The Internet doesn’t work like that. Not only should you build a website, but it is imperative that you find a way to build up a list and capture qualified leads from that list. There are a considerable number of techniques regarding list building, but if you choose an ineffective method you are setting yourself up for failing – this is where my training comes in. There are hundreds of courses on the subject on the Internet, and it can be extremely difficult to select the right one. This is why I provide my team members with great options and resources on how to generate leads; I work with them every step of the way and teach them how to be independent leaders themselves!

I would love for you to connect with me on Facebook just to make a new friend or to ask me how I can help you achieve success in your business. When you join my team I explain to you various methods of promotion, offer you free advice, help you create your own action plan, and even promote your money making sites for you when you are first starting out!


If you prefer, you can also check out various recommended resources that I have been using to help me with my business!

1. MLSP-My Lead System Pro– This resource helps you generate qualified leads and provides excellent training on how to effectively build your business.

2. Empower Network– This resource also offers excellent training on how to effectively build your business. My team is number 4 for being the most successful team within the Empower Network Industry and we are rising from there!

I would also love to invite you to a hangout where we have excellent free videos and provide great tips!


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